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AdeliMint is an Asian girl from Russia and she’s a real cutie! Just look at her geeky glasses, messy hair and sweet dimples – she’s the girl next door you always wanted but never dared to ask out. As if the glasses were not enough, she also plays the violin. Don’t worry though, she’s not all sweet and wholesome. Adeli really likes to get naughty with her viewers in her private room, where she will show you all her tattoos and her delicious ass as a treat. This geeky girl is horny as hell!

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Petite Asian Geek with Big Ass
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  • Ethan

    Best girl on here, she drives me crazy every time. Does whatever you want no questions asked.

  • George

    Really pretty and cute. Good vibes. Not like most girls you see on here.

  • William

    Adeli is my favourite. So sweet but also naughty. Love her.

  • Kevin

    I know her pussy tastes sweet… i just know it… slurp slurp…

  • Ben

    I dunno what a nice girl like her is doing on here but i want her to keep doing it lmao

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