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What a sweet girl next door… wait, she does explicit cosplay of anime characters? And she can cook too? Ayanami is every geek’s dream girl. She’s pretty, sweet and shy – a girl to take home to your parents. But she turns hella naughty once the two of you are alone. A fun fact is that Ayanami has a secret tattoo, the location of which is unknown. Will you get to discover it in her private room? Will you get to see more? That depends on how well you treat her. 

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  • Edmund

    Best girl here. Not only hot, but you can talk to her about anything.

  • Neddie

    I love her. Says she’s shy, but just wait until clothes start coming off.

  • Earl

    Obsessed with her costumes. She’s like an anime fantasy brought to life.

  • Douglas

    This is the first cam girl who I would love to meet irl. Seems like girlfriend material.

  • Charles

    She’s really cute, hot and sexy. My favorite girl on this site.

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