Age: 19 y.o.

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This gorgeous girl with mind-blowing curves is very young, but she knows what she wants. We bet one look at her will be enough to know what you want too – and that’s to keep coming back to Deiri. Her charm is unique: she’s a bit of an ice princess who only goes wild once you’ve wooed her properly and earned her favor. Sounds like too much work? Well, Deiri’s multiple fans would beg to differ. To them, this beauty is worth the effort. Well, the beauty and the fact that she squirts when she cums.

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  • Douglas

    Deiri my Asian queen! Smother me with those titties!

  • Edgar

    God, she’s so beautiful… she could just sit there and look at the camera and i’ll be like yass queen, give me nothing…

  • Raymond

    I want her to sit on my face, is it too much to ask for?

  • Tom

    She’s not real, that’s a sex bot… i refuse to believe anything else, she’s too perfect

  • Fergus

    Gorgeous but plays hard to get… i come here to wank not to court her

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