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Despite her name, Evelyn does not actually live in Hong Kong. She’s from Guangzhou, mainland China, where porn cams are technically illegal, but people still find ways to stream videos. Evelyn is a cheeky rebel who has not only found a way around the rules, she also smokes during her lives, and, of course, plays with various sex toys on camera. She speaks both Chinese and English, which helped her conquer an international audience. Well, her amazing tits and butt helped too.

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  • Eddie

    She could suffocate me with her tits and I would say thank you ma’am.

  • Darren

    Isn’t porn forbidden in China? Please don’t get arrested, we need more.

  • Calvin

    Hot, really hot. Tits, ass, waist, pussy is very nice too. Best Asian model.

  • Benjamin

    Best body on this whole website. Really hot. And shameless.

  • Adrian

    She really does everything and more. No shyness at all, i love that in a woman.

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