Age: 27 y.o.

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Kawaiisquirt is a Chinese girl living in Norway. She has a Norwegian boyfriend who is always down to have fun on camera. This interracial couple is burning hot, together or on their own. Kawaiisquirt has an amazing body with some pretty interesting tattoos. It would have been a crime if her boyfriend decided to keep it hidden from the world, but thankfully, he doesn’t mind (and even gets off to) thousands of viewers enjoying his girl’s many charms. The couple speaks English too.

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  • Oswald

    Great couple, would have loved to see her with an Asian guy though…

  • Neil

    So hot… I want to rail her pussy like a freight train.

  • Malcolm

    I love her solo streams the best but the way he fucks her is hot.

  • Lawrence

    Really kawaii! Really squirts! Exactly what it says on the tin.

  • Keith

    Hot hot hot! Better than porn, she’s definitely not faking when she squirts.

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