Age: 20 y.o.

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This mixed race girl is just the cutest, with her sweet outfits and her emotive face. She plays up the innocent high school girl angle for all it’s worth – just look at her ponytails and her teddy bears! Wouldn’t you like this little girl to sit on your lap and call you Daddy? You better be ready to satisfy her every whim! You will never get bored with Ruby’s limitless imagination and energy. She’s young, enthusiastic, and always down to have fun.

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  • Austin

    She makes me feel wrong, like I’m perving on a schoolgirl… she’s legal I know. But looks so young…

  • Albert

    Ruby the cutest!!! I could just watch her try on dresses and talk about her hobbies all day. A breath of fresh air!

  • Connor

    Defo not like the others… has this innocent vibe. Not like most girls here who flash their pussy at everyone…

  • Dexter

    I love her, she’s my pick-me-up streamer. Little tease lol

  • Ryan

    Sweet little loli. Looks more white than Asian, but that’s not an issue for me. She’s great either way.

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