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This pretty Chinese teen is the sweet and (pseudo) innocent type. She’s gonna cuddle her teddy bears and suck on a lollipop while she talks to you, and you better have lots of patience. SharaSuo is the queen of teasing, dragging out the show before you get to the most interesting part – seeing what’s in her little lacy knickers. Chatting with this romantic and sensual girl will lift up your spirits any day, and seeing her play with herself will have you coming back for more.

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  • Alister

    I like this little girl vibe but it feels so wrong sometimes… anyways i’m not complaining

  • Crispin

    gorgeous loli, no one does it like Asian girls. I’m a regular.

  • Ellis

    Cute girl, pretty, a bit too much foreplay sometimes but she makes up for it

  • Daniel

    I like this image she has going on. Innocent school girl (not so much!)

  • James

    She has one of those remote controlled toys… that’s my favourite part

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